Whether you’ve struggled to understand what this renewable energy is all about or just want to know the how and why – NOW YOU CAN!

What is Renewable Energy?
  Well, almost everyone understands
what it is to some  degree.
But who has ALL the
variations in one place?


From: Jay and Lynne Mueller
JayLynne Enterprises
Renewable Energy Explained


The whole world is now beginning to understand the importance of our environment and what we have done to ruin the balance of nature.  But we are intelligent beings and we can change how we do things and in the process change the world as we know it.  Being responsible for our actions concerning the environment has now become a necessity for our future.


Technology equals constant change.  One of the problems everyone deals with is learning new technology.  In this time and age, everything is changing very rapidly.  So the learning curve for all of us continues to increase all of the time. 

Rapid change means frustration.  Yes, change more often than not is very frustrating for most of us.  Then to top it off, who has time to search the internet gathering information so we can learn all this new stuff?  Well, as it applies to renewable energy…..


We have done the research for you and compiled an eBook about the various types’ renewable energy. 

This is the product you are looking for to learn about the many types of renewable energy and the way they can fit into your life.  All the while saving you a bunch of money.


This is the Perfect eBook for helping you understand all of the ins and out’s of the many different and various types of renewable energy.

What our eBook covers.

Ø  What is Non-renewable Energy?

Ø  What is Renewable Energy?

Ø  How to Save Energy and Money

Ø  What is Wind Power?

Ø  What is Solar Power?

Ø  What is Geothermal Power?

Ø  What is Water Power?

Ø  What are Renewable Energy Rebates?

Ø  What is Clean Coal Energy?

Ø  Nuclear Power as an Alternative

Ø  What are Biofuels?

Ø  Using Natural Gas to Reduce Our Dependence on Foreign Oil

So Why Renewable Energy Explained?

My wife and I have spent months of research rounding up all the information out there on the various types of Renewable Energy.  We started out just finding out the information for ourselves so we could apply what ever we could to our lifestyle. 

The task of researching this information was proving to be very hard.  You see there is a lot of information out there that isn’t true or has changed.  So we had to sort through all of the data and verify the sources.  It was just taking up so much of our time. 

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Then Lynne said “We should do a book containing all the information we found to help others who are trying to do the same thing.”   So we embarked on writing our first eBook.  Lynne is an Expert Author with Ezine Articles so this was really not a stretch and we are very pleased with the outcome in “Renewable Energy Explained.”


What are people saying?

   Mandy Allen

"This is an amazing document; you have put so much work into it!  It is one of the most comprehensive guides to going green that I have come across!  I loved it, was really enthralled and captivated by the great content and have learned so much! 

Jay and Lynne, you have clearly done your research and here's the evidence.  All of the green ideas in this book are achievable for any of us and will make such a huge difference to our lives both now and in the future. 

Essentially it is easy to read and the content is good, quality writing, no packing or fluff, and it is very easy to understand without being condescending.  The tips you outline could be used almost anywhere in the world and would certainly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in taking positive steps to living a greener life."

Mandy Allen

   Steve King

“This eBook is in my top two that I've read this Year!

Renewable Energy Explained - Now there's an understatement! 
For anyone that wants to know how to make a difference to the environment this is an absolute must read.

It is a well written, highly informative, guide to everything you need to know about Renewable Energy.

I had been looking around the internet trying to work out all the things I could do to go Greener in my everyday life - well this eBook is just what I needed.

I have already started to plan my changes and if you make some of the recommended changes too, you will change your life for the better and also help protect the planet - win/win on all counts.

I highly recommend Renewable Energy Explained.”

Steve King

   Steve Wilkins

I think everyone should read this eBook whether they are interested in going green or not, this might just change your mind.  This is brilliantly written and highly informative with many interesting facts and figures. 

Thanks Jay and Lynne, it only takes one person to make a difference!  You have changed the way I think about energy use.  Time to replace the refrigerator with an Energy Star Model I think.  ;-)

Thank you and keep up the great work, our planet will be a better place for it!

Steve Wilkins

  Ann O’Leary

Jay and Lynne write passionately about their belief in renewable energy and green technology.  Their book aptly titled Renewable Energy Explained provides an easy to understand guide to all the issues involved.  A quick glance at the contents page was enough to show me that there were many technologies that I knew absolutely nothing about. 

The authors clearly describe these technologies and how they will benefit both your pocket and the environment.  If, like me, you would like to do more for the planet but don't know quite how to go about it then this book is a good place to start.

Jay and Lynne write persuasively about the need to embrace new alternative technologies.  They begin by outlining the commitments they have made in their own lives in adopting a more green approach.  They provide good practical advice on how to begin making the necessary changes for anyone who wishes to go green.  Basically Jay and Lynne outline what is presently available and what you can do to implement changes on an individual level. 

They also deal with possible options for the future for example the continuing development of hydrogen cars or the development of fusion nuclear power plants.  They argue convincingly that the benefits of green technology are both environmental and also economic.

All in all this is a well researched book packed full of useful information.

Ann O’Leary

  Barry Wells

Hi Jay & Lynne, I thought that I would drop you a quick email to let you know that I have read "Renewable Energy Explained" and found it extremely educational. Not only have you explained the problem clearly, you have also explained how and what we can all do to ease it.

By taking the steps pointed out in "Renewable Energy Explained" I know that I will be able to save money on my bills for years to come and at the same time reduce my contribution to the damage we cause our planet. It is our planet and our responsibility to look after it.

I think that everybody should read "Renewable Energy Explained", digest the information and then act upon it.

I highly recommend "Renewable Energy Explained" and would like to congratulate you both on a well written, educational eBook.

I wish you every success.

Barry Wells

  Harriet Penhey

An excellent resource for the person who wants to find out more about the many and various greener alternatives to fossil fuels.

Easy to read.

Harriet Penhey

..Kathy Dobson

I just finished reading "Renewable Energy Explained" and I must tell you, that the title says it all.

If you've ever wanted to understand the topic of energy and its role in our environment, but shy away from text book type reading then this book "Renewable Energy Explained" is a must read for you.

Jay and Lynne have taken a complex subject and tuned it into a pleasant, easy to read, educating experience that will also inspire you to take action to protect our greatest resource Mother Earth.

Knowledge is power and this book provides enough information for anyone to implement positive energy changes in their lifestyle that will impact the whole environment and make life better for all living things now and into the future.

This should be mandatory reading in schools.

Thanks for the enlightening education...this book has something for everyone.  You have certainly delivered the goods with this one.

With Gratitude,
Kathy Dobson

..John Edwards

Hi Jay and Lynne,

What can I say, you guys have nailed it, this is the most comprehensive guide I have ever read, on saving the environment, whilst still living a happy and full life cheaply and efficiently, man this guide covers every aspect and form of all economical ways to cut your BILLS and costs offering the resource of how to set things up inexpensively for life, in today’s climate you would be mad not have this cost saving gem in your collection!

Hats off to you guys, Fantastic resource, I fully endorse this report.

Later Jay and Lynne.

John Edwards


60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Try it risk free today! If you purchase today, your purchase is 100% guaranteed.

If after reading Renewable Energy Explained, you don’t find the information useful to you, and you can not apply any of these ideas to your life, you shall receive all of your money back.

All purchases can be refunded within 60 days of purchase, meaning if you don't think the information contained in Renewable Energy Explained, then don't worry. Just let me know and you can get your money back and I'll continue helping other where I can.


I forgot to mention the BONUSES

Bonus #1

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Going and Living Green
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What does "Going Green" mean anyways?  This popular phrase has been getting a lot of use lately.  Essentially, "going green" is all about how you can help protect your environment.

Topics such as conserving energy, environment friendly products, composting, organic goods, recycling and more all have to do with "going green".  This guide aims to educate others on the damages happening to our environment every day, and ways that individuals, as well as, businesses can help to reduce and even prevent those damaging effects.

Ø  Introduction

Ø  What are Greenhouse Gases?

Ø  How do these Gases Affect Our Environment?

Ø  How Individuals can help the Environment

ü  Simple changes you can make in your every day living

ü  Recycling:  How to get started

ü  Alternative Energy:  Learn how to improve your home to help the environment

ü  Green Landscaping

ü  Learn how composting can make a difference

ü  Helping the environment through groceries:  Buying Organic and Buying Locally

ü  What and how you drive can affect the environment

Ø  How Businesses and Factories Affect the Environment

ü  How Businesses can Benefit in the Long Term

ü  How Today’s Businesses and Factories are Starting to Convert

ü  Energy Alternatives for today’s Businesses

ü  Recycling in the Office can Make a Difference

Ø  Conclusion

Ø  Resources

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Bonus #2

A 10 Part Mini-Course which further explains how you can go green affordably
10 Individual Articles To Help You Go and Live Green
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Ø  Introduction and Tips to Get Started "Going Green"

Ø  Benefits to Going Green and How You Can Make a Difference

Ø  Reducing Energy Usage At Home

Ø  Guide to Buying Organic Groceries

Ø  Recycling For Beginners

Ø  Make a Difference in the Office

Ø  How to Be Eco Friendly During the Holidays

Ø  Green Products You Can't Do Without

Ø  Every Day Tips That Help Our Environment

Ø  Wrap-Up

If you've ever Wanted to start improving how you treat our environment, this is the perfect way to begin.  Start changing your life to change the WORLD.


So Let’s Review What You Get

You get our brand new eBook – “Renewable Energy Explained” for Only $27

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You get 10 Individual Articles to help you “GO GREEN” (Save $19)

Total Value = $133   Total Savings = $106

Your Total Cost = $27


 Yes Jay and Lynne! I'm ready to start understanding Renewable Energy is all about so I can help save the planet in my corner of the world!

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Lynne and I have spent months learning about all of these technologies and applying them in our lives where ever we can.  For one low price, you'll get to benefit from ALL of our hard work.

Just think about it this way. For just one low price, in one hour from now you can start to apply all of these technologies to your life.

Invest in Renewable Energy Explained now and let us reveal to you some of world’s best green/renewable energy on the planet so you too can start to make a difference today!

Keep going green,

Jay and Lynne Mueller

PS. Remember, this isn't your usual fluff filled eBook. This is very important information that everyone needs to know to change there lives and help the planet for future generations!  Don't hesitate and INVEST NOW and take your first steps towards a better understanding of Renewable Energy and a greener lifestyle!

PPS.  We humans have made poor decisions in the past and now we need to correct the problems that we have caused.  You, just like us, can start making a difference RIGHT NOW!

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